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Dear Guests,
We kindly inform you that between Thursdays and Sundays booking is strongly recommended. Table reservation: or on Messenger. We look forward to welcoming you!

Welcome to Club P2! Here’s the scoop on us, short and sweet.

Budapest has two kinds of people: those who’ve been to P2 and those who haven’t. We value both groups a lot, but we have something different to say to each:
If you’ve been here before, you know an evening at P2 isn’t just another night out. It’s something special that doesn’t just get forgotten. Most of our guests, about 95%, come from other countries, making our club a popular spot globally. Yet, we have many regulars who keep coming back. We’re really thankful for this and treat our regulars like friends. It’s great to see them return, sometimes to celebrate another bachelor party.

For those who haven’t visited us yet, just take a look at our Google reviews. We have a 4.7 rating from 1600 reviews. This means our club alone has four times more five-star reviews than all the other similar clubs in Budapest put together. This shows P2 is really something different in the nightlife here.

We know our guests are here for a memorable time; many are here to celebrate their friend’s last days of being single, so everything has to be perfect. This night is one of a kind and must be unforgettable. We put all our effort, love, and knowledge into making sure of that.

If you’re just looking for a fun night with lots of laughs and memorable moments, P2 is the place for you. We hope you don’t miss this experience when visiting Budapest.

Good news, we’ve recently made some updates to our club. There’s now a new area upstairs, offering three different rooms. The restrooms and VIP areas have been upgraded for even better comfort. Plus, we’ve refreshed the vibe of our club and our team. Since our guests are mostly young people looking for fun, including many bachelor parties, we’ve chosen our new staff with that in mind. Our dancers and servers are here to meet our guests’ high expectations.

What makes P2 unique? It’s not just our years of experience. We believe it’s our commitment to transparent pricing without hidden costs, focusing on entertaining and keeping our guests safe and happy, and carefully selecting our staff.

We also pay special attention to our staff’s future, financial security, and workplace happiness. Providing top-notch entertainment starts with having a happy and motivated team. This mindset not only attracts the best talent but ensures our team is strong and offers the best service in Budapest. Our staff enjoys working here, which means they make sure our guests have an unforgettable night. That’s what sets P2 apart.

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At our club, we pay special attention to carefully selecting our dancers. Since they are largely responsible for the high-quality entertainment of our guests, it is our priority to make sure that only the most dedicated, patient and intelligent girls can get these jobs, not to mention the sexy appearance.

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Safe Fun

We are aware that some clubs in Budapest do not think that way we do and sometimes tourists who don’t exercise caution get into trouble. The owners of our club have been working at the frontier of fair and transparent catering services for 20 years and they have been fighting against practices that do not fit this description.

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Predictable Costs! If you want to plan your costs to have fun and save money at the same time, choose one of our discount vouchers. Our vouchers include the entry price, unlimited drinks, our Silver voucher available for 90 minutes, and our Gold and Platinum vouchers for the whole night. Click for details.

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The owners of the club are committed to providing safe and fair catering in Budapest. We are aware that some clubs in Budapest do not think this way and sometimes tourists who don’t exercise caution get into trouble. The owners have been working at the frontier of fair and transparent catering services for 20 years and they have been fighting against practices that does not fit this description.

We would like to assure our guests that they are always going to find the best prices and offers in the Club P2. We only invoice the drinks and services actually consumed and used and only at the prices indicated at the entrance and in the menus found on every table.

Our favourable fixed-price voucher system makes it easy for everyone to calculate their budget in advance, making sure that there are no surprises when you receive the invoice.

We would like to kindly ask every guest to do some careful research before choosing which clubs to visit during their stay in Budapest and only go to safe establishments with good reviews.

The management of the Club P2 wishes you an enjoyable and safe night of fun.

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Sex Budapest

Lots of people come to Budapest because they have heard that the two expressions: sex / Budapest are one and the same. They discover that Budapest sex is totally different from what they have been getting at home. Now, Budapest is truly suited for the enjoyment of sex, for satisfying every hidden sexual desire, and that is why it has earned the nickname Budapest: Sex Capital.

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If you would like to participate in an enjoyable experience and you have yet to experience the girls Budapest has to offer and the attentiveness, care and entertainment that they have to offer, then don't hesitate for another second and come see us. We guarantee that you won't be disappointed. Budapest girls are much more open, friendly and relaxed than in the other countries of Europe. The girls Budapest has to offer are, moreover, more beautiful. Of the fantastic girls Budapest has in store for you, 30 splendid ones await our guests every night in Club P2. They are not only more beautiful, but also remarkably intelligent and patient and they love their work. If you are looking for a pleasant evening when you can forget about it all, drop in and don't miss the opportunity, here you can experience the cream of the Budapest nightlife, have fun and party!

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In the case of Club P2, "more than just a nightclub" is more than just a tired slogan. We honestly believe this, and it is true. Club P2 is from head to toe the most inner city, trendiest nightclub Budapest has to offer, where not only the top 10% of society can receive customer-centred business ethics, no longer unreachable to you and your friends. On the other hand it is affordable, moreover at a truly favourable price the only strip bar to be found in the Budapest nightlife offering such high class service to the rank and file. The Budapest nightlife scene is not exactly teeming with nightclubs where you can get unlimited drinks for 20 euro. Free admittance to such a high-standard nightclub isn't typical of the Budapest nightlife, either. Prominent representatives of the Budapest nightlife do not typically relieve their customers of the need to pay for a taxi. Well in us all of these things are realized in a single package. On the other hand the Club P2 is alone among representatives of the Budapest nightlife in offering unlimited drinks for just 20 euros while at the same time providing free admittance and providing transportation to the nightclub.

The Vouchers are available on Monday, Thuesday, and Wednesday.

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