Book your stag/bachelor party directly with us!

Most of our guests visit us during spring and early summer, as this is the peak season for bachelor and stag parties. Although we host these types of parties all year round, 90% of the bachelor and stag parties occur before the wedding season. In the past few years, like so many things, this market segment has transformed, and we now welcome groups with a completely different approach and services.

Before the COVID pandemic, we collaborated with many travel agencies who brought groups to us, usually as the final stop on a pub crawl. This setup had several issues. The most significant was that often the group didn't even know where they were arriving, with many thinking that P2 was just another pub in the lineup, and they were surprised to find themselves in a strip club. Another issue was that since we were the last stop, the guests would arrive drunk and tired, led by an unmotivated tour guide who was only watching the clock, eager for the evening to end and to go home. Entertaining a tired and inebriated group to the proper standard was often very challenging for our staff.

The reopening post-COVID provided a good opportunity to change this practice. We realized that P2 Club is a major player in Budapest's nightlife, providing top-quality entertainment as market leaders among strip clubs in Budapest. We decided we no longer wanted to be just an end-point for tourists on their evening pub crawls.

Another reason for change was that we simply had no space left for agencies, as their groups started contacting us directly before even traveling to Budapest. They chose the most favorable option, booked tables, came to us independently, and had a great time. Therefore, due to lack of capacity, we had to narrow down our list of travel agency partners and continued only with the best.

Over the past few years since COVID, this process has evolved to the point where we only accept guests who contact us directly, working with intermediaries only in the rarest cases during the season.

We have optimized our package offerings for different group sizes.

The Single Pleasure package can be booked for up to 6 people, available in three versions: the normal package, an exclusive package, and you can add a very funny show performed on stage involving the celebrant.

For larger groups, we recommend the Double Penetration package, which can be booked for up to 12 people and is available in both standard and exclusive versions.

Both include a show for the celebrant, with the exclusive version offering premium quality drinks.

For the largest groups, we offer the Threesome package, which is bookable for up to 18 people and includes many services, among them three 1-liter bottles of spirit of your choice.

For those who prefer beer, we also have packages available.

For any questions, we are more than happy to assist via email or messenger chat. Please contact us as soon as possible to ensure we can provide the best table at the most suitable time for you.