Dear Guest,

We are starting our blog with a very important post, which we strongly believe everyone should read carefully for their own benefit. We understand that the information below might be challenging to grasp for those not familiar with it. Honestly, even I am perplexed that in 2024, there are still clubs operating on deceiving their guests instead of offering high-quality service.

In Budapest, if you take a taxi to come to us, it's not guaranteed you'll actually arrive here. This situation has arisen due to a commission system in Budapest that might be difficult for foreigners to understand. The taxi driver might take you to a bar from which they receive a commission. Unfortunately, these bars often thrive on deceiving tourists, so please be cautious. According to our latest information, the commission can be as much as 25,000 HUF (about 65€). Just for comparison, at our place from Monday to Wednesday, we offer an unlimited drink voucher for 50€, allowing you to enjoy premium drinks all night long.

A week ago, I invited a friend to our club. After the visit, I went home with a driver, and he took a taxi, which he flagged down on the street in front of P2. The taxi driver asked if he wanted to go to another club, claiming to know a much better one than P2 ?. My friend insisted on going home, leading the driver to question why he visited P2. After my friend mentioned he was invited by the owners and they were friends, they started discussing the nightlife in Budapest. The driver admitted knowing that P2 employs the most beautiful girls and is the best club in Budapest, but he doesn't bring guests here because there's no commission. He also revealed that if someone wants to go to P2, they try to dissuade them, but many drivers simply take them somewhere else, claiming it's P2. We've noticed this too, as we've received Google reviews from guests who thought they visited us, faced incredibly high bills, or other problems. Naturally, these unfortunate guests hadn't been to P2 but were led to believe so. This is doubly regrettable as it not only tarnishes our reputation but, more importantly, deceives guests.

Consider this: if a taxi driver receives a 65€ commission per person, how much must be charged to the guest for the club to profit?

We don't intend to analyze whose responsibility it is that this practice exists in Budapest in 2024. However, it's clear to us that it wouldn't be possible without the tacit approval of certain authorities. We simply wish for everyone to be cautious when taking a taxi. Ideally, if you're coming to us, it would be best not to take a taxi at all. We are located near the Basilica in downtown Budapest, just a few minutes' walk from the most famous sights. A short walk can save you a lot of money, prevent unpleasant experiences, and it's healthy too ?