Despite the increasing number of people spending their entire evening with us, it's important to note that our club is just a few minutes' walk from most high-quality restaurants and entertainment venues. During the peak season, we open at 9 PM, and in the off-season at 10 PM, so there is plenty of time to have dinner somewhere before we open. Our club is located about 20 meters from the Basilica, specifically from St. Stephen's Square, on Sas Street, so the most popular restaurants are just a few minutes' walk away from us. To highlight a few, opposite P2 is Fabrica, a very trendy restaurant and pre-party spot, a few meters further is Tom George Osteria, one of the best Italian restaurants, and a bit further, you will find Budapest's top Asian fusion restaurant, Tokio, welcoming its guests. In addition, most bars, cafes, shops, hotels, and pedestrian streets are within walking distance from the club.

It's worth mentioning that the city's most popular disco, Ötkert, is also just a three-minute walk from us. Guests often come to us from Ötkert, and they frequently combine visiting both clubs in their plans.

Even more importantly, we are about 6-7 minutes’ walk from Gozsdu Udvar, so if someone spends their evening there and desires a higher quality and more sexy entertainment, there's no need to take a taxi. Just type the address (Sas Street 9) into your phone and walk over.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, everyone should be wary of taxis; we do not recommend them if you want to come to us. Unfortunately, they do not receive commissions from us and often take guests to places where they receive a hefty kickback, which the club pays for by cheating unsuspecting visitors.

P2 is a completely safe club, stick to quality. Gather as much reference as possible before you make a decision about an entertainment venue. Budapest is a wonderful city filled with excellent clubs and restaurants, so if you pay a little attention, you won't be disappointed.

I hope everyone has the best days of their lives in our beloved city, and when you go home, tell as many friends as possible about what a fantastic place Hungary and its capital are.