Many ask the question before visiting us: what sets P2 Club apart from other similar clubs? Why is P2 so unique that it draws more people interested just in this club than all the other strip clubs in Budapest put together? Often, there's also the question of why the most beautiful, intelligent, and kindest girls choose to work in this club. What's the secret?

We're about to reveal our secret, so please continue reading our blog.

Let's start with what we believe distinguishes us most from the others.

P2 never wanted to be just a strip club, nor does it operate like one. We don't like labels, categories, especially not stereotypes. That's why we envisioned a place where people simply feel good, laugh a lot, can party carefree with their friends, and to this end, we strive to provide the best service.

We've been a part of Budapest's nightlife for quite some time, and besides observing the changing demands, we've also tried to shape them to our image. In the past, a night club like P2 only filled up with guests after midnight. Before that, everyone went to a bar for a few drinks, then popped into a disco, and only afterward did they visit a strip club. We wanted to change this consumer pattern; we didn't want to be just an after-party venue.

So, after the COVID-19 pandemic, we started with a completely new mindset and a new concept to rethink the club and change the status quo. We organized a new and young management and, together with our staff, we reformed from the ground up the outdated attitude that characterized adult entertainment.

Our guests generally arrive by opening, but we always have a full house by midnight. They don't just come to us to wind down; many spend their entire evening with us.

Our guests visit not just to see beautiful and naked girls. More so, they are drawn by the fantastic party atmosphere, for which our club is famous throughout Budapest.

It often happens that we are unable to close at 6 AM because most of our VIP rooms are still full.

A large part of our guests, coming from all over the world, are regulars. Many return to Budapest just to visit P2 again.

We focus on the experience, aiming to ensure everyone spends their best evening with us, remembering P2 for years to come. This is only possible if we provide an unforgettable experience, not settling for what other striptease clubs offer.

Essential for carefree entertainment is the safety and sense of security of our guests. Our club is one of the safest entertainment venues in Budapest. It's no secret that the 3000 HUF entrance fee we ask for from Thursday to Sunday also acts as a filter. P2's guests demand to have fun in a safe environment among intelligent people, and to this end, the mentioned filter, along with our well-prepared staff's vigilant presence, guarantees this.

In summary, the secret is that there is no secret. It has to be done with heart, and we must not forget that we are here for our guests, not the other way around.

Thank you for reading, and please, if you have the chance, visit us and experience the best strip club in Budapest, which is actually much more than that.