The following information is highly important both to you and us therefore, please, read it carefully!

Our club – together with the Hungarian state – has been fighting against the taxi mafia of Budapest, and corrupt night clubs for several years.

Taxi companies operating at hotels and in the inner city, in cooperation with the different clubs, specialized in financially damaging and cheating tourists who visit Budapest almost exclusively transfer their naive guests to night-clubs where they will be cheated, threatened, and robbed in an uninhibited way. The above clubs will pay a high amount, commission for each guest the rate of which can reach up to 50 to 100 €/ person in many cases. Naturally, the above amount will be paid back many times over by means of taking away or stealing money from the guests, even threatened by blackmail. Besides, the quality, the standards of catering services, and the staffs of the above clubs – to say the least – criticisable.

Therefore it often occurs that the guest in the taxi asks for transfer to a correct night club, however, the corrupt taxi driver talks his guest out of that plan, or simply lies that the club mentioned by the guest is already closed, too expensive, too far, or he says he knows a much better club. Unfortunately, tourists often have no information on the situation in Budapest, and let taxi drivers dissuade them.

Several clubs of the above type have been closed by the police recently, however, there are still a lot left open.

Therefore we strongly insist that you do not sit into any other taxi, but call +36 20 222 44 22 – we will send a car and transfer you without any charges. What is more, you will not have to pay for the entry ticket either. Should you happen to take another taxi, please, do not give up going to your destination, insist on Club P2, and do not let yourself be dissuaded, and financially damaged.

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  • Stu said: There's no other club like P2! I definitely want to visit it again!
  • Brad said: This is by far the best place that I've been to in the last few years! We partied like mad. You can be sure we'll be back!
  • Sieboy said: Thanks for the lovely evening. I enjoyed every minute! I hope I can get back to Budapest sometime soon and then I can drop in again to this wonderful place!
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