Geoffrey Huet

I went to the club several Times in this beautiful city of Budapest. Each Time l made confidence to the same Escort Liza with beautiful regard, so intensive, she IS just the best ! She deserves totally to be here in this Beautiful P2 Club Striptease. Certainly, not all the Time an easy job but she IS always there and attentive to the customer. Congratulations to her and the other Escorts !!!


Awesome. Sarah, the best i ever had, the best there ever will be... hope to be back soon again

Tony Searle

I'll be at your club on the 11 of may with 7 others and we can't wait


Penteken este latogatam el a P2 cluba. Szep lanyok kulonosen Bianca, csodalatos volt az elmeny veled..... :)


The ambiance and decor at P2 is stunning, the girls are pretty, and the prices are legit with no surprises. I visited while on vacation and purchased the Platinum entrance ticket. The door people were very understanding with me since I was at a hotel without a printer showed up without the coupon and only had it on my phone. Now to the important part some want to know. This is not necessarily a place to have sex. I blatantly asked one of the girls if they do and she said they don't do that. Now I will say that was my experience, I am sure its something that fluctuates. Over all the place is worth checking out.


Awesome place ... un forgetable and superb experience with NOA ... will miss u


I was at P2 on Saturday and had an amazing time with Nikolett, so cute and great company, I wish I could have stayed longer!


I had a really good night at P2 - special thanks to DORINA ! many kisses for you, Babe!


Had a real flavor of night life in budapest..totally loved it!

Nick Lee

Two nights in Budapest and I end up here. The BEST night thanks to the amazing girls here. Kiera and the rest of the girls made me feel so welcome. I think I feel in love that night!! Oh queen of twerk I'll be back for you 100%. Love y'all straight from JA x


Me and my friends visited for my stag party. Great atmosphere all night, the girls were amazing fun and showed us all a great time. Grazie tanto Gina ☺️


One of the best club i have ever been....miss you Dora....

Kevin Mackessy

Had an absolutely amazing time at P2, great atmosphere and alot of beautiful girls. Can't wait to visit again.


Best time ever in Budapest thanks girls for this weekend.


Love P2. The best time of my life. Thanks Bianca.


Had the time of ma life..Thanks katty for the wonderful time u gave me..If only I have the chance to come to Budapest again then P2 will surely be in must visit list.


The best night of my life. Thank you Nory. I wish you the best.

Andre Hulsmeijers

Girls, again thanks for the very good time i had in may. This week i will be 50 but still dream about coming back at you\\\'re place. And i will be back!!! Greetings Abraham Andre .


Oh, I love Bridget. This wonderful woman made my nights at your house, I am dreaming of her since saturday night.
Thank you for this fine and serious location. Coming back for sure.


Great time, great ladies, a bit quiet in February though, this nay have worked to my benefit though, I am coming back in September :-)

Nagy idő, nagy hölgyek, kissé csendes február bár ez lehet, hogy dolgozott, hogy a javát, bár, jövök vissza szeptemberben :-)


Very pleasant times with the lovely blonde tonight.. xxo


We were here last sunday. It was amazing.. THE girls are verry sweet.. The club is cozy!
The voucher is easy and cheap.. You can drink 2 houres wath you want.. the girls know how to treat a man.. especially Hannah and the little blond girl!!! we will definitely come back to this club.. And I hope Hannah Will be there!! :)

Andre Hulsmeijer

I must say i had a very good time at you're place and enjoyed thye girls. I will be back. THNX!!





I will be in Budapest the last week in April and am looking forward to visiting you at that time.
Thanks James


Club P2 is truly a prominent nightclub in Budapest’s nightlife! We visited Budapest not too long ago with a few friends and we walked around from place to place all night. Strip clubs, discos, bars, etc. This is the place where found the best prepared and friendliest staff. In fact, despite the fact that it is an elite club, it had the best prices, too. The level of service surpasses the American nightclubs, and the prices, if buy vouchers, are extraordinarily favourable. It’s no small point to consider, too, that here you can find the prettiest girls in Budapest, who really make the time you spend here memorable. I can recommend this nightclub to everyone; no way will anyone be disappointed if they come to Club P2.


There's no other club like P2! I definitely want to visit it again!


Dear P2,

I would like to thank you for the excellent services you provided my friends and me when celebrating a friends\\\'s stag party here in Budapest and I will absolutely recommend you and your girls to anyone asking for a safe strip club when going to Budapest!



This is the first time I’ve been to Budapest, and so it is the first time I’ve ever visited Club P2. You have a beautiful city, and your nightclub was simply staggering. I have a feeling this is not the last time here for me...I’ll just have to come back for sure!


I just adore Club P2 – this is the second time I’ve been here! This last time we made a special trip to Budapest, just so that we could spend two evenings in P2! We just can’t get enough of you all!!


This is by far the best place that I’ve been to in the last few years! We partied like mad. You can be sure we’ll be back!!


Thanks for the lovely evening. I enjoyed every minute! I hope I can get back to Budapest sometime soon and then I can drop in again to this wonderful place!


The girls are absolutely hot, and the club's enviroment is really nice!


I got here pretty late, and the next day I had to leave Budapest, but in the morning I knew that I would have to return to visit your place again. I still can’t find the words. Honest to God, I had a better time here that in my own home, in my own old haunts. The positive energy, the friendly atmosphere, and feeling of security that you have created here absolutely won me over, and I can get my mind off it since...of course, it was the girls who I could hardly bear o leave in the morning :) One thing’s for sure, I’ll be back before summer and I’ll be in to see you folks every evening. Till then, thanks for everything! And best of luck!


I had my birthday party at your place in the beginning of April. I had no clue where my friends were even taking me, because they had a surprise party planned – at your place, as it turned out. They booked the VIP room and we had our own separate dancing girls and private service. It was the most fabulous evening of my life and best birthday party ever. It was all thanks to the terrific atmosphere created by the girls. We partied until morning, and really it was as if all the girls and all the staff were old friends. Thanks again from my buddies, too, for a fabulous even, one that I won’t forget as long as I live. You can bet I’ll recommend the P2 to everybody back home!


You guys are the best by a mile. We’ve checked out a couple of places in Budapest, but such aboveboard and high-standard service and hospitality, now that we’ve never experienced! I recommend the P2 to everybody!!


Club P2 is the best place in Budapest! We had a tremendous party, and we were totally surprised how cheap it all was because of the 25 Euros All You Can Drink Voucher. Next time were find ourselves in Budapest, we’ll come here and nowhere else. Best of luck in the future, too.


Hi. I'm saif. I see the club very nice. I'm com on December


I’d just like to say thanks for a fantastic evening and just perfect arrangements for my bachelor party. It was unforgettable! We were just totally satisfies with the service, the attentive staff, and the beautiful women. I’d also like to say thanks to all the individual attention we got from the staff and the girls, since this was a very special day for us. One last thing: I’ve never experienced such a great atmosphere in any other nightclub I’ve ever been to. We were totally floored! You’re doing a great job, P2!


This is a stupendous place. Thanks for the great evening; I’ll remember it for the rest of my life. Maybe the best thing about it all was the VIP section and the unforgettable show they put on there! The girls are gorgeous and friendly, and the show is unique and totally erotic. Special thanks go to Bianca. You don’t often get to see girls like that even in the pages of Playboy. Hopefully in June I’ll be heading back to Budapest once more, and you can bet your life I’ll be swinging by P2!! I can hardly wait!!!!


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  • Stu said: There's no other club like P2! I definitely want to visit it again!
  • Brad said: This is by far the best place that I've been to in the last few years! We partied like mad. You can be sure we'll be back!
  • Sieboy said: Thanks for the lovely evening. I enjoyed every minute! I hope I can get back to Budapest sometime soon and then I can drop in again to this wonderful place!
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