Stag party, stag weekend

If you are organizing a bachelor party or a stag weekend our club is more than a perfect venue.

Soaring demand and countless inquiries from foreign and domestic groups have convinced us to create the perfect stag party locale right in the city centre.

In the last year our nightclubs have organized approximately 100 stag and bachelor parties, to the greatest satisfaction of our guests. Most travel agencies have established connections with us and hired us to organize events for their clients.

As this colossal demand exceeds the capacity of our bars, the Club P2 was developed to accommodate a group of any size in a separate room with its own dancing girls and staff.

And all of this can be done at the best possible price, in the company of the most beautiful girls, right in the heart of Budapest, in a beautiful neighbourhood.

We thought that anyone who gets into contact with us directly, and do not come to Budapest though a travel agency, should be able to get from us now the same discounts that are available through a travel agency. It is enough if you send us an email, and we will organize you bachelor party, stag party or stag weekend – moreover, we will also recommend a comfortable and inexpensive hotel nearby.

And as if that were not enough, check out our super-discount offers created just for you!

Parties of more than five who register in advance and receive our confirmation email will receive their drinks for half price in the framework of our super-discount!!!


Unlimited drinks for your own consumption for 1,5 hours for just 25 euro per person!


In case of 5 people, with a payment of 40 euro per person, one bottle of spirits and unlimited soft drinks! For groups exceeding 5 persons, we can make an offer for this option via email.

And as if this were not enough...!!!!

With each of the offers above, the guest of honour will receive a complimentary free surprise show – in the value of 50 euro – which is sure not to disappoint!!

Please make your booking as far in advance as possible, so that we may create for you the most unforgettable experience possible!

Stag Party, bachelor party in Budapest.


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  • Stu said: There's no other club like P2! I definitely want to visit it again!
  • Brad said: This is by far the best place that I've been to in the last few years! We partied like mad. You can be sure we'll be back!
  • Sieboy said: Thanks for the lovely evening. I enjoyed every minute! I hope I can get back to Budapest sometime soon and then I can drop in again to this wonderful place!
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