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Predictable Costs! If you want to plan your costs to have fun and save money at the same time, choose one of our discount vouchers. Our vouchers include the entry price, unlimited drinks, our Silver voucher available for 90 minutes, and our Gold and Platinum vouchers for the whole night.

The Vouchers are available on Monday, Thuesday, and Wednesday.

The Silver voucher includes:

  • Only 25 Euro
  • Unlimited drink consumption (except premium drinks and champagnes)
  • 90 minutes time limit

The Gold voucher includes:

  • Only 50 Euro for all night
  • Unlimited drink consumption
  • Including premium drinks (except champagnes)

The Platinum voucher includes:

  • Only 70 Euro for all night
  • 10 minutes private dance
  • Unlimited drink consumption
  • No time limit
  • Premium drinks as well (except champagnes)
Dear Guests, Please note that no videos or photographs may be taken on the club premises. Thank you.

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