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P2 Night Club

After years of accumulated experience, our capabilities have aligned with our ambitions to shape a club we can be genuinely proud of. Club P2 is not just a name; it's a concept. There are only a handful of places that capture the essence of a true "club" feeling, and we've ensured ours is one of them. We've applied our extensive knowledge and expertise in designing the bar, ensuring an immersive clubbing experience for all our patrons.

Club P2 isn't simply an entertainment venue; it's a vibrant, mesmerizing hub that resonates with life and energy. Those familiar with us understand our central goal: to create an experience so captivating that our guests eagerly return time and time again. And we're proud to say we've achieved this goal. In Budapest, Club P2 has attracted the broadest local and international clientele.

Having now relocated to the heart of downtown for enhanced accessibility, our ambition is to exceed our past success substantially. Our commitment to VIP services continues to evolve, ensuring we stay at the cutting edge of hospitality standards. Our 14 + 1 VIP rooms stand as a testament to world-class standards, each exceptional in every respect. The additional VIP hall, capable of hosting up to 20 guests and equipped with dedicated staff, a stage, and a sound system, makes for an exemplary location for events such as bachelor parties.

Safe fun

The team at P2 Club is dedicated to offering a secure and equitable hospitality experience in Budapest. We acknowledge that not all establishments in the city share this philosophy, and tourists may occasionally encounter issues if not vigilant. Our owners have been pioneers in the realm of fair and transparent catering for two decades, and they have tirelessly opposed any practices that contradict this ethos.

We want to reassure all our visitors that they will consistently find the best deals at P2 Club. We only charge for the actual drinks consumed and services utilized, at the prices clearly indicated at the entrance and on the menus available at every table.

Our advantageous flat-rate vouchers, bottle service and packages allow guests to budget their spending in advance, ensuring there are no unexpected charges when it's time to settle the bill.

We urge all visitors to make informed choices when selecting nightlife venues in Budapest, opting for establishments with solid reputations and positive reviews for a secure experience.

The management team at P2 Club looks forward to providing you with an enjoyable, safe, and unforgettable night of entertainment.

Dear Guests, Please note that no videos or photographs may be taken on the club premises. Thank you.

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